A Day of the Dead Cookbook

Discover the Souls’ Magical Journey…

Day of the Dead ~ Día de Muertos

Each year the Mexican Day of the Dead celebration ~ Día de Muertos, brings families together to remember those passed and to honor their memory through art, ceremony, dance, and cuisine. This is truly how Day of the Dead is celebrated. The stories and images in Dining with the Dead will have you wandering through bustling street markets, smelling the bright fields of marigolds, listening in candlelight to graveside prayers, and tasting heavenly traditional dishes.

Those dishes are the soul of this book. More than 100 alluring recipes and 540 sublime photographs guide you through succulent tamales, pozoles, sweet pan de muerto, and many other festive and delicious iconic dishes. You’ll also learn to make altars, sugar skulls, and decorations. From unlocking the essence of chiles and making perfect scratch-made tortillas to perfecting the king of the moles, Dining with the Dead is an unforgettable cultural and culinary odyssey.

What Some Well-Known Friends have to Say

Dining with the Dead explores the Mexican holiday tradition of Día de Muertos ~ Day of the Dead and their wonderful traditional food and culture that makes this day one of the most beloved celebrations in Mexico

History and Origins

Traditional Mexican Cuisine

Culture and Traditions

Traditional Mexican Recipes for Beloved Celebrations

“Day of the Dead is a very personal holiday. We cook for ourselves but also for the spirits, and we make them the foods that they loved here on Earth.”

-Mariana Nuño-Ruiz McEnroe

Night Vigil at the cemetery November 2nd, Michoacán, México.

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