About the Book

Dining with the Dead is an unforgettable cultural and culinary odyssey. Traditional, celebratory Mexican food is the soul of this one-of-a-kind cookbook. Make tamales, pozoles, pan de muerto, and many other festive, iconic dishes. Learn about altars, sugar skulls, and decorations. Unlock the essence of chiles, make scratch tortillas, and perfect the king of the moles.


Cookbook Highlights

  • More than 112 delicious recipes
  • More than 540 beautiful and mouthwatering photos
  • High quality 8 x 10-inch trim size hardcover book
  • Sections about ingredients and how to find them and treat them
  • Numbered instructions
  • Photographic step-by-step instructions
  • Highlights homemade foods, created from scratch
  • Crafting instructions included as well
  • Learn the origins of Día de Muertos
  • Learn about altars and ofrendas (offerings) 
  • Venture into the night vigil at the cemetery in Mexico

“We want to invite you to experience the rich culture and history at the source of the holiday. Our book is about food mainly, but is also about honoring and respecting our departed loved ones through memories and traditions, while forging new relationships in the process….”

Ian and Mariana

Traditional recipes

Learn all about the Nixtamalization process, how to make the most delicious masa, for tamales and how to make corn tortillas.
An entire chapterof Pozoles

Step-by-step instructions

Most of the recipes are illustrated with step-by-step photos and easy to follow numbered instructions, to familiarize you with the techniques and give you confidence when making the recipe.

Calabaza en Tacha
Step-by-Step Instructions on how to shape and bake the most delicious and traditional Pan de Muerto…

Beyond the Food

You will learn how to set up an altar/ofrenda and all the significances of each element, from flowers to candles and papel picado etc

You will learn how to make paper crafts from papel picado, paper flowers and paper flower garlands.

You also will learn the fun ways to make and decorate amaranth and sugar skulls!

Lear how to make paper flowers and paper crafts to decorate you altar/ofrenda.
Learn how to make sugar skulls
Flower fields for Dia de Muertos, Tarímbaro, Michoacán, México.

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